Welcome to Auto 3s Football. 

Auto 3s Football is a click to catch park football game. In this team sport game, join a field and wait for your turn to play. Invite friends to play with you. Stack up wins and climb the leaderboards for special chat tags.  
Bugs may happen. You can help the game improve by reporting bugs when you experience them.  
There are no second chances for exploiting. Do not do it.  
For Controller and PC Users: 
Control binds are customizable. To customize: Navigate to the binds menu, then change they binds to your liking, finally back out and you are set. Beware of binding two actions that can be used at the same time, to the same Button. An example of this is binding shift lock to R2 on controller. R2 is Roblox default click. 
For Mobile Users:  
Controls are customizable. To customize: Chat "!customize", then move the controls around to your liking, finally chat "!done" to confirm them.  
Release Date: 1/22/21 


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