Welcome to Chicken Life.
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🐔Play as a chicken and eat food to lay eggs
🔨Collect materials to make a base
👊Create alliances to build and fight against other chickens!

🐣Every 2 minutes there's a 1 in 3 chance that any one for your eggs might hatch into a chick!
💯Chicks give you +5 points and eggs give you +1 point every 30 seconds.
📃Points will save, so get as many as you can!

Keyboard Controls:
[E]: Carry Egg
[Q]: Sprint (costs 1 food)
[C]: Cancel Build (during building process)
[R]: Rotate Build (during building process)

🥚Chicks and eggs do not save
🛖Builds save ONLY on your plot, make sure to save on the Plot Page in the Build Menu

*Most of our icons and thumbnails are fan arts from our amazing community*


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