👉New TSUNAMI🌊 and VOLCANO🌋 update!

⚠️KNOWN BUG: Sometimes Sharks/Boats do not buy properly. Please be patient as we fix this, thanks! This is in BETA, expect bugs and random glitches! Please report them to us to help us fix them! ⚠️

Surf the seas, buying boats and avoiding the many terrors that surround you. Just don't get eaten by sharks. . . 🚤🦈🌊

🤿Civilians - Explore the seas, upgrading boats and living life up. Unfortunately, you aren't alone. . .
🦺Coast Guard - Save the Civilians from Sharks, Natural Disasters, and countless other hazards.
🦈Shark - Terrorize the Coast, causing chaos amongst Civilians. Just watch out for the Coast Guard. . .

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There are currently no running experiences.