Say Datareset to reset stands, arrows spawn on a random location within the part of the map that has no npcs. Find Gravity_Beetle, click on him, then beat him to get Hamon. Sewers contain ghoul npcs that have a 50% chance of dropping a mask, use it on someone who's 50% or lower to get Vampire. Vampire and Hamon stacks on stands, but they're much stronger if used alone.
JJBW2 STANDS:Golden Experience(and Golden Experience Requiem), Six Pistols, Sticky Fingers, Aerosmith, King Crimson, Purple Smoke, Mr President, Star Platinum 4, The Emperor, Crazy Diamond, The World 7, and Purple Snake. There are 12 stands available to everyone, 13 if counting Golden Experience Requiem.
1/10 chance to get a stand recolor, it's a 1/3 if you bought the kenshiro gp from jjbw2.
unless there is a game breaking bug or a gamepass doesn't work anymore, the game is done as of 1/30/21
Thanks for the journey.

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