As we're nearing the completion of Revamps + HUGE UPDATES.. Game will be closed for an undisclosed amount of time. 

Current Codes: 
📢New Code at 90k Likes

Welcome to Project: New World. 
Available to both PC Mobile & Console.

in-game Fruits: Ice / Flame / Darkness / Electricity / Gravity / Barrier / String / Operation / Sand / Clear / Wind / Bomb / Light / Tremor

- Fruits spawn: 60 min. Despawn: 20 min. 
- Fruits spawn in VIP Servers (5 limit)
- Current Level Cap: 2300
- Current Bounty Cap: 3M 
- You must be 10 levels above NPC for Logia Effect to work.

Do NOT exploit. Our system will detect suspicious activity & we do not appeal bans.

Inspirations include One Piece.

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


There are currently no running experiences.