Shop for aesthetic wigs at Archi’s Wig Store, and make the best of your time with friends! NOTE: All wigs purchased in-game are permanent, and will appear in player’s ROBLOX inventory. 

All new Archi’s hairs that are released will be sold at this store, therefore collection is constantly updated! Keep coming back weekly for new wigs for your ROBLOX avatar!

Follow Archi_tecture on twitter (Bird icon below) to get sneak peaks and updates on new UGC before they’re released:.

Archi’s Wig Store collaborated with the 1970’s to release a clothing line that compliments some of Archi’s wigs! You may shop for the collab in-game! Please also check out their store:

Development credits:
- Building & 3D modelling: harht, o1lience
- Animations: o1lience
- Scripting: joritochip
- User Interface: joritochip
- Make-Up Faces: lizzykittyz
- Graphics Design: AspDuckk
- Logo/Vector art: Inkwaves


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