⚓ We are at WAR! Pirates swarm our tropical waters and engage in INTENSE NAVAL COMBAT with the protecting SEA forces. It is up to YOU, your ship, and your crew to determine the fate of the Trident Isles. Whose side will you fight on? ⚓

✈️ AUGUST 10TH: A new fighter plane type has been added! The As-3B-2 is the new hard-hitter with a 37mm autocannon mounted under the fuselage.

⭐ CLAIM your in-game rank and get instant SEA Team Access by joining the group:

- 🔱 Play as the Captain of your own ship and be a Protector or a Marauder of the High Seas!
- 💂 Climb the ranks of SEA Military and eventually host Trainings and lead your own crew!
- 🎮 Customize your loadout with a wide array of unique weapons to use in combat!
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