Bot Wars is a game where you fight against robots in order to get BotBux and live a normal life.  You are smarter than the robots!  The robots cannot jump or pathfind!  They just follow you because robots spawn very quickly making it easier for you to defeat the bots.  You have to eat to live, you can get a job and get paychecks, and you can rent houses.  Also, income tax comes in with your paycheck!  Bot Wars is a fun, futuristic roleplay game with a little bit of action and a lot of reality.  Will you survive?

Note:  If there are any minor hacks for this game that people create and use such as infinite money, flying powers, etc that don't affect another player, I will not fix them because it ruins the hacker's fun, not yours.  There is no winning in this game.  This is just a fun game.  In conclusion, I will only fix hacks that affect other player's fun.  Period.

Scripted and developed by blu scripter (Together, no caps, remove the "s")


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