if you have Nyctophobia (fear of night or darkness please do not play this game) this is a horror game with lots of darkness

This game can be 1-8 players with 2 npc if not enough players 

Best to play on 5+ graphics (Or else the lighting will mess up)
Logimite- GFX artist(Coming soon)

Latest update: 1/10/2021 
The loading screen: was fixed and reverted to old stages due to me not liking how it looked
Main game: Fixed barriers not being in the right place and making player fall of side and die
Last thing is donations: added 10 50 and 100 to the store even though that 10 is in donations already.
Feel free to help me out by donating thanks! 
Expect more updates coming soon

Note there will be a lot of bugs those will be fixed in the coming 


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