Do you want to be an $100 Admin of Meltdown or Freezedown Computer Core?

Go to the store or in game to purchase the Admin game pass!

Three new possible endings!!
Ending #1- Freezedown with no Hotshot.
Ending #2- Meltdown with no E-Coolant Shot.
Ending #3- Meltdown, then use the E-Coolant Shot to a Freezedown, then use the Hotshot for a new freeze & meltdown ending!

Try All Three!!!

Stay in the control room, use the control panel to keep the temperature at an optimal range. If the temperature is too hot or cold, then prepare for a meltdown or freeze down. You have one chance to find and use the emergency coolant or hot shot to stabilize the core. In the event of total failure, use the escape Pods or Rockets to escape and live!

Game Pass Use aColon:cmds for Adonis Loader Commands.

Game Pass Use Semicolon ;cmds for HD Admin Commands.

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