> Welcome to our free roam Spider-Man game. This game is in beta and may have issues.
Shutdown = Update

📢Upcoming Updates:
Noir City
Check group shout for update log.


Main Controls:
F - Web Zip
R - Web Blast
E - Web Swing
V - Special Suit Ability
K - Takedowns (When Enemy has Red Health)
Q - Web Strike
Left Click- Combat
WASD x2 - Dodge
U - Unmask
N - Menu
C - (DLC Pack #1) Music
SHIFT - Cam Lock
CTRL - Sprint
SPACE - Wall Climb

Programmer: CraftedBloxer, SirNullThe4th, Instance_Brick
3D & 2D Designers: TecTonicPleb, M1le3z, xNoobPlay
Graphics Artists: Duc_San, Miggylaccio2k, Purpluxe, Avenging_IV
Music Composer: OwenZealous

game tags:
Spider-Man, spiderman, miles morales

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