Gaia Renewal is a tab target RPG game using the familiar Tank, Healer, DPS setup. Level up, make new friends, join a guild and work together to clear challenging raids!

The game is in Open Beta, more features and content are added regularly!

In the beginning, the universe was a barren place - until one day Gaia created a tree. From its fruits, new worlds were created, which in turn were filled with life. This tree is said to stand in the center of the universe and is now known as the World Tree. 

But to create something so good, something equally as bad must also be created. When Gaia created the World Tree, an evil power came with it. This evil has corrupted many worlds and turned their inhabitants into monsters. But worry not, Gaia has bestowed strong heroes with her power in order to fight back against the Corruption. Hero, your adventure awaits!

PS. All music in the game is custom made, you do not have to worry about copyrights when making game play videos.


There are currently no running experiences.