A mystery game with signs of psychological horror based on the SCP universe. Available on many languages and with voice acting on english.

- Story - 

Solo or multiplayer maximum 4 players, in the perspective of a journalist, go through a criminal mission to extract covered up data from the police department, threatened by your boss and with a dark past that seems to be forgotten. Also the additional content, in the perspective of the journalist's daughter, explore the depths of the sewers to find out a hidden sanctuary trying to get answers.

- Survival -

Multiplayer maximum 10 players, in continuation to the forgotten memories ending, you are stuck in some sort of dimension called the dream land. There is a cursed cave that people says its the exit of that place. Try to survive the creature inside and even maybe escape.

Played by Flamingo!

Tags: Horror, Scary, Terror, Creepy, Monster, Puzzle, Multiplayer, Story, Maze, Jumpscare, Survival, Horror Survival


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