keep the sample away from monkes & chemical disposal, there can only be one alpha at a time otherwise its insta monke world

the chances of you getting attacked by a monke are low, but never zero

~ monke passives ~

brown: apes together strong, the bulk of the monkes and does more dmg in groups
yellow: vegan monkes are full of nutrition resulting in faster healing than other monkes but lesser dmg to humans
green: protectors of banana and hates humans, does more dmg to humans but lesser dmg to systems
pink: infinite knowledge led to learning how to deal more dmg to systems but has lower hp than other monkes
red: has lower hp but love apples especially red apple juice from humans, direct damage on defenseless humans recovers some health
purple: lesser health, dmg on humans & systems, chance to apply poison status upon contact with humans
blue: low health & dmg on humans, attacking systems slightly heals, increased dmg system & chance to apply shock status on touch

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