As ordinary people we all strive to find true happiness in life. But no... not like this.... something is REALLY off about this...

This game serves to remind us that life is much more complicated than finding true happiness. Sadness, struggle, and anger are a part of the human experience. If your only emotion is happiness... then.. are you really human?

For Server Owners you can use :regen & :disaster & :choosemap

laughablehaha - Scripter
yurgzen & ItsByskyWrecker - Building
sirener55 & Vinniie3D - Thumbnail & Scripting & Design

Update Log - 7/1/22
- New Chain Weapon
- New Map Secrets, map bombs, and map keys
- New Smile Bank map
- /e dance(4-10) and /e sit2
- Katana coin / 3 hits -> 2 hits
- 77 new commands for private server owners. Chat :cmds for list
- New bombs 8 new blocks in build mode
- New leaderboard of the game's best smiling and humans
- Giant is buffed and easier to obtain
- 2 new world modifiers & removed 2 world modifiers & more!


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