As ordinary people we all strive to find true happiness in life. But no... not like this.... something is REALLY off about this...

This game serves to remind us that life is much more complicated than finding true happiness. Sadness, struggle, and anger are a part of the human experience. If your only emotion is happiness... then.. are you really human?

For VIP Server Owners you can use :regen and :disaster chat commands.

laughablehaha - Scripter
yurgzen & ItsByskyWrecker - Building
sirener55 & Vinniie3D - Thumbnail & Scripting & Design

Update Log
- 1 new map
- Bug Fixes
- Buy currency
- Skin crates show a skin list and a confirm purchase menu so you don't mis-click.
- Smiles get a buff if they are lower than 20% of the server size
- Servers should be much less laggy. Let us know if you still lag and what map is lagging you.
- Smile bots in the pit are nerfed

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