NOTE: if you dont know how to play the game, *please* read the tutorial entirely when you join the game
NOTE²: the input delay depends on your connection, so if you are experiencing huge delays just get a better wifi connection TM
NOTE³: this is being remade in unity so dont expect as much updates

💣 sweep some bombs
🚩 all bombs must be flagged to avoid them sweeping YOU
✨ amazing cosmetics that will make the game look not boring
➕ some extra content such as custom and competitive modes

left click - reveal tile
right click - flag
left click on flag - question mark

newest stuff:
-ranked gamemode! u need 10 wins to play it. rewards for rank 5 and above will come soon
-summer event is over. you may still beat the boss
-replays are kinda out. only available to solo PC servers though, maybe mobile soon TM

icon and thumbnail made by Narumn


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