Welcome to the RP.

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To go to book 2, click any of the book 2 maps and it’ll teleport you to the book 2 server. For book 1, vice versa.

We’ll be adding more options for the better servers.

Update Log
- Added Chapter 3: Silent Town (use second person mode to shoot)
- Added Chapter 3 skins and map
- Another attempt on fixing the lag and crash (this time, we've separated the books)

- TenuousFlea; Owner
- WondrousNinja, epic_tank, Nullxiety, Derpydervee, A_Chim; Developers
- PianoVampire; Music Composer
- All other APRP/Piggy contributors
- MiniToon, IK3As; Piggy Developers

————- Important Notes ————-
The game has been lawfully approved by the Piggy owner, MiniToon. Permissions of using the assets for this game had been granted. Every respective asset credit goes to the rightful owner.

————- The Reborn Version  ————-

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