Welcome to the RP.

Minor update on APRP C2
- Extended the timer up to 18:30
- The flashlight now lasts faster in between 35 to 45 seconds
- Nerfed 4 traps
- You can now go through the barrier quickly in valve event
- Fixed vents

Update Log
- Added APRP: Chapter 2, Attic
- Added badge skins related to the chapter
- Added Woshe badge skin (exclusively for unlucky ending)

- TenuousFlea; Owner
- WondrousNinja, epic_tank, Nullxiety, Derpydervee, A_Chim; Developers
- PianoVampire; Music Composer
- All other APRP/Piggy contributors
- MiniToon, IK3As; Piggy Developers

————- Important Notes ————-
The game has been lawfully approved by the Piggy owner, MiniToon. Permissions of using the assets for this game had been granted. Every asset credit (except for the custom skins/maps and UIs) goes to the rightful owner, MiniToon and his co-worker (developer) IK3As.

————- The Original Version  ————-

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