This game is similar to games like Epic Mining 2 and The Quarry. You use a pickaxe to mine into the ground and find rare ores. This also has randomly generated caves at around level 500.

There are currently 7 ores:
Tigerseye [extremely rare]

Rubies and Sapphires can be sold at the shop for money. Money, along with other ores, can buy you special or upgraded items, like the drill.

Be cautious of gas pockets. The lower you dig the more likely you are to stumble across one and explode. To prevent this, make sure to buy a helmet at the shop. Helmets protect you from all gas pocket damage.

By the side of the mine, you will find leaderboards. One leaderboard is for total blocks mined, and one is for total diamonds mined. This allows you to compete with the best miners in the game!

The cave layer spawns at around 500 blocks down from the starting level.

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