Gold Palace Street
A fictional street somewhere in Kyoto, home to:
[金宮殿茶屋] Kin kyūden chaya (Golden Palace Tea House!),
[一千花置屋] Ichika Okiya.
[猫置屋] Neko Okiya
[置屋] Okiya.
[仕立て屋] Tailors.
[和彫り] Wabori shop.

Where the Geiko, Maiko, & Tai- komochi stay and serve!
[見さんお断り] Guests need a Patron connection or join the group, attend an event, and stay for 2 hours to be recognized as a Patron.
Tags: Japan, Kyoto, Geisha, Sushi, Restaurant, Food, Cafe, Japanese, Kawaii, 1600s, Geiko, Maiko, 1700s, Traditional, 70's, Teahouse, 80's, Chaya, Gion, 90's, Traditional Japan, 1800s,  Kimono,  Prefecture.


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