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Annihilation of slenders present:
KSACP : kill slender and copy paste including toxic players
Have an experience battling slenders, cnps and other most toxic trends that have gone famous by these years with tons of gears, weapons and maps to explore with! and secrets to discover…

PS: this game is only for fun, none of your trends are supposed to be made fun of. I only came for the most toxic trends and people, so stop complaining, just play and enjoy

Warning: it doesn't really support low end pc, laptop, mobile and any other low end platforms/devices so i suggest you turn your graphics down or improve performance by turning off or on settings that affect performance by clicking the gear icon!

Created by:  -R4FDB (display name: Raff)
                    -boygamer_3215 (display name: Lego_boi)
                    -YesLol (display name: yeslol)


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