💨 Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! 💨

⚔️⚡ RELEASE ⚡⚔️
-Enjoy a 3x power boost by redeeming the code "15mvisits"

⚔️🎺Welcome to Knight Heroes Simulator! 🎪⚔️
⚔️  Swing your swords by clicking the sword icon in the center to earn power!
💎 Collect Gems & Coins around the map to level up your pets and become rich!
🌟 Travel to different Islands by jumping and explore what awaits!
☠️ Fight massive bosses for epic rewards!
🐲 Collect & train unique pets found on each Island to become invincible!

🎁 Join Blazin Games to unlock the group rewards chest in-game!!/about

Premium Boosts:
- 💎1.5x Coins


📝 Found a bug? Let us know in the group wall!


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