SABOTAGE... coming in next days!

Crewmates! [BETA] 🚀
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Gameplay 🎮:
โ€ข Crewmate: Find out who the Impostor is or complete your tasks before it's too late! 😨
โ€ข Impostor: Kill the Crewmates, use Vents and Sabotage. Don't let anyone know you're the Impostor! 😈

Controls 💻:
โ€ข G: Invite Friends 👥
โ€ข Tab / M: Open / Close Map 🗺๏ธ
โ€ข R: Report Body 📢
โ€ข E / Space: Use / Emergency 🚨 ~ Vent / Sabotage 💨 (Impostor)
โ€ข Q: Kill (Impostor) 🔪
โ€ข A / D: Switch Vent (Impostor) 🐱โ€👤

🛠๏ธ The game still in Beta, bugs may be found. 
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