Imagine yourself in a world where things won't last forever. You will have to learn with your own mistakes.

Hollow Abyss is a rogue-like game with a permanent death mechanic, means that if you die after a certain amount of times, your character will be gone and you will have to begin from the start.
Prepare yourself to see how your future characters are going to be affected by your actions, from special magics to deadly curses.

The abyss may have something for you.

>> The game is currently in alpha, bugs may occur and the game content is not final. The game difficulty can be really hard for some people, please proceed with caution. <<

Development Team: P7_Error, AbaShaark & drigohhh.
Contributions of: Blotnik (Clothing), A_Daufen (Face drawings, thumbnail and icon), Guiosz (User Interface) & Akiraikai (Animations).

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