This game is inspired by the game series "Kingdom Hearts"

A BossFighter-like story game.

[Game Description]:
You were going to have a sleepover with your friends.
Tomorrow was the day you were going to go to Lizz concert, but something bad happens!

This game has a slow start of around 2-3 minutes, so please relax in the beginning!
The game focuses more on combat and cool bosses instead of the storyline.

This game is not meant to be played alone!
Get some friends to help!

F - Block 
X - Dodge 
G - LockOn
Q - Strike Raid / Firaga
E - Sonic Blade / Blizzaga
R - Zantetsuken / Curaga
T - Arcanum / Thundaga
Z - Drive Form
Ctrl - Reaction Command

Click a Button, Have fun!

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This is my first game. 
Please leave a like and tell your friends about it if you like it!

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