⏱Run, fight, hide for the monsters! 
In this game you will be able to take down the monsters with guns, explosives and some other weapons that can be used in the battle to win!

The monsters mission is to kill and destroy the survivors! Do what it takes to take them down! 

⚠️Still under development! Report bugs/glitches to the proper channel in our communication server⚠️ 

📋 Changelog 0.9.0: 
- Added a new map
- Expanded Xen area
- Working teleporters
- Added Chumtoad 
- Added Gonarch 
- Added new mutation for Gonome 
- Added ragdolls 
- Made a lot of optimizations and settings for less lag
- Fixed most of the bugs in game
- Added a system which will prevent spawn killing.

📌 Credits to Valve for the idea, Black Mesa and Half-Life Alyx for the meshes and assets! 

📌Credits to all the developers that are in the No Good Developers group! 

📍If the game is shutting down it means the game is updating! You'll get back to your server a


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