[FINAL YEAR OF EGGS] After 2020, all eggs from all 3 years will be re-added, and work will discontinue!

Newest Update: 15+ New Eggs (With Badges!), New thumbnails, New Area [Beach], FIRST GAMEPASS (Ice Cream Faberge Launcher) Only fires "Strawberry Ice Cream Faberge" for now, but MORE in the coming days!

Next Update: "Vanilla/Mint/Chocolate Ice Cream Faberge's for the [Ice Cream Faberge Launcher] Gamepass! Working on R15/Maybe Rthro Support Soon! NEW HOUSES/TREE'S SOON!

Explore the City, Beach, Hills, Farm and Houses and find all the eggs which were flown back through time! Also during the year, special eggs get flown through time into the game! (Christmas/Halloween/St Patricks Day + More!)

NOTE: This game is UNOFFICIAL (You can only earn BADGES!), All the badges/thumbnails were made by me! (The eggs are retextures of old roblox eggs!)

. Credit to CloneTrooper1019! - Scripts from Egg Hunt 2013 Rewritten!

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