Live the life of an egg, snakelet, Snake or a Human . 
Choose to Roleplay or Become the strongest snake in the game !

🔥Check Group Description to know codes!🔥
Next CODE at 4000 Likes!


Controls :
R-Aura,T-Invisible,V-teleport,G-Shield,Z,X,C- Fruit Moves

Join the group for codes!/about

You need to have a minimum of 5000 Total Power to activate aura! 

Press "E" to fly on computer when you have your wings on !
Textures dont change snake skin , they only change accessories 

The head accessories will be invisible for dragon snake and king cobra but it's attack increase effect will be there!

The game is still in early development so please expect bugs and report them in group !

I hope you like the game !

Tags : Fruits,Super Power, Snake, Roleplay, Anime, One Piece, One Punch Man, Elements,Simulator


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