🏪 Retail Tycoon 2 is a grid-based store builder and management game.  Invite your friends to build together, and grow your store from humble beginnings to a massive retail empire!
✅ Updates every Thursday!
✅ Free VIP servers!

5/12 v1.5.12
🥣🥛 New cereal sellables!  Get your Super Choco Sugar Bites today!
👣🔄 Trap your NPCs in an inescapable spiral of doom! Now introducing one-way stairs
🔧⚙️ Some vehicle visibility bugfixes

5/5 v1.5.11
🚁📦 Added cargo helicopter, and a smaller landing pad.
🖥️✈️ Improved aircraft vehicle controls, added tooltips while flying.
🔧🧰 Numerous fixes this week!  Including eliminating some visual bugs, optimising guards and other NPCs, and some mobile UX issues.

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