🏪 Retail Tycoon 2 is a grid-based store builder and management game.  Invite your friends to build together, and grow your store from humble beginnings to a massive retail empire!
✅ Updates every Thursday!
✅ Free VIP servers!

6/16 V1.6.3
🏒🏓 Air hockey, pool, and ping pong tables are now for sale!
🔧🧰 Fixed some UI and NPC bugs

6/9 V1.6.2
🧍🧍‍♂️ Dynamic queueing! Embrace your inner Walmart™ and let paying customers sprawl uncontrollably across your entire store!
(This update is a prerequisite to adding shopping carts.  May be a little buggy.)
👣🚧 New retractable barriers to help manage your queues!
⭐📊 Added queue size rating.

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