Speed Run Legends, the first Speed Run game without a number title!

Look! A Speed Run game that has original levels (Except 1st because that's a tradition m8), innovate design, and overall NOT a horid cash grab! I built this game in the hopes of making a Speed Run that was actually not full of copied map ideas, detailed, and fun.

Will be 100 R until I complete 5 lvls, will then drop to 75 R, 7 more and 50 R, anything after that will stay at 25 R

THIS GAME IS NOT DONE!! So don´t hate due to lack of levels and uglyness.

What to expect:
-No Generic "Curved" Levels!
-Generic 1st Level!
-No Lag!
-More Fun!
-No people to bump into!
-Play only with friends!

I want to make this the best Speed Run game, technical wise. I don´t expect this to get mega popular, but at least it won´t be generic.

Innovative games aren´t as popular as games that use free models and poorly made, which I find suprising. But oh well, here´s to the innovators!

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