NOTE: i've left a message regarding this game on the gat group wall, take a look at it here!/about

(3/8/23) ive been notified of a bug regarding the alignment keys opening the emote wheel. this has been fixed. man, i really miss working on this game. i really do. i wish i could return. 

if you wanted something worse than any tower based obby game, youve come to the right place

this game consists of the most absolutely horrendous towers to exist

btw join our group if you want to lol!/about

also SEIZURE WARNING this game is filled to the brim with flashing images

gat is currently in beta, which means nearly anything can be changed at any time (no we wont wipe data or anything like that lol)

(and to the -2 people that play on xbox you can dance clip using the Y button)

ok bye


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