[Project Officially Started On February 1, 2021]

REMINDER: This is in the development stages, so you may expect bugs, glitches, data resets, etc.

Leaving the game or resetting in-game to avoid an arrest, can and WILL result in a ban from the game.

This is a strict role play game based in the city of Los Angeles. Once you play this game, you'll learn life skills and get a fun experience of roleplaying!

📌 Changing Teams
Los Angeles Police Department ( whitelisted only )
Los Angeles Fire Department( gamepass or whitelisted)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department ( whitelisted only )
California Highway Patrol ( gamepass or whitelisted )

- Police, County, Civilian, Roleplay, Cars, Firefighter, EMT, Sheriff, America, Cop, Cops, Highway, city, Fire, EMS, Car, RP, Roleplay, Play, Fun, Riverside County, Riverside Roblox, California

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