🌴 Welcome to Acaivio! 
Established in June 2023

If you wish to rank up, you will need to attend trainings when they are hosted. To begin attending sessions, simply join the group and apply for 'Trainee' at our Quiz Centre. To avoid being late, make sure to join around 5-10 before the session is set to start.

At the moment, we do not have a training schedule in place. Trainings will be hosted at unscheduled times or when requested by an LR. If you would like a session to be hosted, please join the game and Hold 'E' to request a training at the door. Additionally, you may ask an Assistant Manager+ in our communications server.

❓ Don't have access to play the game? 
You need to be a 'Trainee' by joining the group and applying at the Quiz Centre linked below.  

🔗 Juice Bar:
🔗 Quiz Center: 


There are currently no running experiences.