Thanks for one thousand visits! Play with friends and have fun! Wipeout is a game on TV that has a whole bunch of obstacles that people have to get to and beat other people's times. The winner of the show gets $50,000. In this Wipeout, you try to get to the end of all the obstacles, but you do not receive $50,000 R$ or Tickets. THE BIGGEST UPDATE IN WIPEOUT HISTORY: At last! The BIGGEST UPDATE has come! ALL NEW "Bonus" Round, Treadmill Round, and THE WIEOUT ZONE! Spectating has also been added too! Sorry for the wait but I had quit ROBLOX but now I'm back and better than ever! This game is made by me, hockeypwns7 and if you have any questions, message me on ROBLOX :D CREDIT; Thank you to SkyCakez for the "Obby Pack For Youtube! c:" Link:


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