NASA's SLS-Orion, Is a mission to the ISS. Launching on the brand new SLS (Space Launch System) the Orion Spacecraft, featuring the Orion Command Module and the European Service Module, will be sent into orbit. It will then dock to our carefully crafted full size ISS, where the Astronauts will be able to visit the station. Returning to earth will take place at the end of the mission, with the CM undergoing a fiery re-entry and splashdown.  

Development Credits to - 
Danjammey (Orion Spacecraft, ISS module, MC, Scripting) 
Dalekbobored (Launch site, SLS rocket)
Awsopz (ISS,GUIs)
FlaviusName (Launch Tower)
Gluonz (ISS module)

Thanks to the testing team - (VultureIsHere, GodGenius, NUBNOOBO, Awsopz, Danjammey, DSBoatingLake)


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