'Heated' "We Grill, just to Prefill"

Heated Restaurant, you'll be suprised with the amount of authentic qualities you'll get from this experience! We're here to make not only the best burger but also
the best steaks in Roblox. We try our best to satisfy all of our customers and we're here to make our restaurant the best in the indursty! 

Update Log 0.2
- New Gamepasses out (Restaurant)
- Rank Manager out 
- Lag fix  (Restaurant)
- UI's fixed (Restaurant)

- Join our communications server

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Our Developers:

Head Developer - IntervexYT
Main Scripter - T0s
Credits - Epic_Foxy (Graphics) 

Tags: restaurant, heated, beach, waterfall, burgers, cafe, training, kahau, koala, burger king, roleplay, coast, IHOP, 
games, drinks


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