Become the cutest wolf ever with tons of customization, and different morphs in this wolf animal roleplay game! 

🐺Play and roleplay as a cute Wolf or wolf pup!
🤗Socialize and have fun with friends and meet new people!
🏠Claim your own den!
🌲Explore the world!
🎭Roleplay with friends and other people!
🎩Unlock and play as many different skins!

TO FLY: Double jump or jump while in the air!!

@RBXPhini- The game
Legacy_Vic - Wolf model, Walk, Jump, Run, and Idle Animations
Exos_XG - Scripting CoreScript, Terrain alignment, Head turn.
Avionicly - Map props/3D models.
Laurathedrake - Art 

Beta released: October 2020
Free version release: December 2020

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