Notify: Game is being updated. Come back later

+ Join group to get 1 more slot for [ Perks/Abilities ] in game. And get more Bonus +10% Reward

Alert⚠️: You can lose your stat anytime. Don't forget screenshot your stat before left game or screenshot 1 times per 30 min.
To refund: You need to join dis//rd server.

Experience⚠️: In the game there will be some weapons that can play music, the user can also turn it off or not. Encourage you to play in 'Private Server' for a better experience

The Rake Has 50 Modes

/Save to save your stats - make sure it won't lost
;disablefriendlyfire - vote for disable friendlyfire
;enablefriendlyfire - vote for enable friendlyfire
;votekick (playername) to kick the 'ennoyer' out of game
;fixrake to respawn rake

Thumbnails by user: IDontCareAtAllForDis (Captain)


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