Welcome to An Infinite Adventure! You can get alot of fun 3rd party stands in this game. Even meme stands! yeah we have a spongebob stand and we made a spec off of a 15 second ad but theres alot more cool stuff!

bug fix, next update will be TALKING BEN and audio fix
New Updates:
fortnite spec fortnite pickaxe on steve 1/50 every 20 minutes!!
SQUID GAME THING -reaper diary on reaper
GOJO SATORU - 1/150 chance every 23 minutes
items no longer despawn after they spawn meaning you can afk farm
DABABY CAR- dababys head on standless spawns 15 minutes 1/35

NOTE: We do not own some assets that are provided in this game. Credits go to A Bizarre Day and more (listed when you join the game). We are removing abd assets more and more over time. We have permission to TBDE. There also may be bugs currently in the game, we are working on fixing them.
also trello outdated
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