✔️ This is the official Murder Mystery 3

🦇New "Hallow's Bat" case
💀New invite reward
👻New Toxic Ghost hidden in lobby!
☢️ New Nuke, Drops 5,000 pumpkins on everyone!
🖤Dark of Night invite reward!
🌈Chroma Slasher code hunt!
🤡Joker Crate in Halloween Shop!
🤑New Robux Set
🎃Pumpkin Leadeboad

🎄👇!/about 🌟 Tags: Murder Mystery, Sandbox, Horror, Murder Mystery 3, Fun, Grind, Event, Battle

Credits: inkwaves, Junozy, Yourius, Erythia, SimplyALemon, Im50FeetTall, X0ROW, BREAK_R00M


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