[Version 1.1.0]
-Removed Uzi but added Micro Uzi Instead
-Reduced the amount of health zombies had
-Added new weapons VSS, M60, Glock, Nova, Python
-Added more buildings on the third island

[Version 1.0.5]
-Fixed a bug where you could have a weapon more than once
-You can now keep your inventory after you die
-Added Colt Python 
-Added AR-15
-Added vehicles on the bridge

[Version 1.0.0]
-Added Zombies in church
-Removed M1 Garand
-Added UZI
-Fixed bridge textures

Day 1: Exposure. Day 3: Infection. Day 8: Epidemic. Day 15: Evacuation. Day 20: Devastation. 28th day: You woke up in a hospital, you didnt know anything. Untill you were walking down the abandoned streets... Your main goal is to escape the city alive, there's a handful of weapons hiding across the city that will help you trough your journey, just beware of the infected.


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