Welcome to An Unusual Adventure! This is almost an exact A Bizarre Day replica. Credit to Tornado and Guest for all the assets. Some stands are made by us (Only the modded stands.) Please know that I am not making money or robux off this game! Remember to leave a like to show support or if you like the game! A Bizarre Day is a great game so make sure you play it! This game has modded hit effects and more! If you would like to see what you use an item on just hover your mouse over it! ✔️Epic likes= Epic updates!

Note: I am sorry that this game is a A Bizarre Day replica if you don't agree with it. This is not my hard work it is the owners of A Bizarre Day's hard work. I will never give this game to anyone as it is not allowed. Please don't hate on me and my community for this game, it is just a fun A Bizarre Day modded game I made for others to enjoy!

This is the Unusual Gang! Join to have the group above your head!!/about

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