PolySonic RP is a roleplaying game that allows you to play as characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog series or create your own OC using the character creator!

- Play as your favourite character
- Create and play as your original characters
- Roleplay with others and make friends
- Explore the map and uncover secrets
- Plus much more!

⚠ This game is very incomplete. Expect bugs, unfinished content, and testing objects/maps. Anything and everything is subject to change ⚠

--Major Update Log--
• Updated the game so that you require to have a Roblox account that is older than a week to play. This is for security reasons for people avoiding bans using new accounts. If your account is older than a week, this will not apply to you.
• The Green Hill Beach railings were flying off the rails, so I anchored them down with staples and duck tape.
• Squashed those evil bugs.

--Minor Update Log-- (Only available on newer servers)
• None



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