Paranormica is a game about paranormal investigations. It's got a lot of modern technical aspects whilst trying to keep that classic roblox feel.

In the game you go to places with paranormal activity and find out what is causing this activity.

Paranormica 0.7.1
+ Re-introduced the video camera
+ Temporary removal of the night vision camera to encourage use of the video camera's night vision function
+Camera no longer spins on one axis

They won't disappear again!

VR a very early thing, this will improve over time. Any bugs report in our server.

The ouija board can be found in any room! You can ask questions like. And remember, the ghost needs to be around the board!

"where are you"
"are you here"
"how old are you"

If you find any bugs, instead of leaving a dislike please go into the community server and post it in the bugs channel

Inspired by: Irish Lore, Phasmophobia

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