🍁 17 NEW EMOTES, Including Dirtbike Challenge, Flourish and Samba Shuffle!

🌟 TTD 3 is Roblox's top social hangout experience, featuring over 1000 emotes from your favorite video games and social media trends! Come dance and vibe with your friends!

✨ Emotes CO. members receive exclusive emotes and color-changing glowsticks!

🔒 Users with Roblox Premium or TTD+ get an exclusive emote section and a chat bubble!

➕ TTD+ Gamepass now includes FREECAM!
• Read description of the gamepass for more info!

🔃 Use /re, /refresh or /respawn to refresh your character without changing your camera's angle!
👆 Sync with your friends using our Click to Sync system!

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