🎃 The Halloween Update Returns!
The fan-favorite Halloween update has made a return to  SizzleBurger this October! This includes the power outage event, where chefs can cook food for the electrician to restore power. Talk to the hacker behind the building to cut the lights!

🚨 Development of the new game is continuing after its prolonged break due to circumstances out of our control. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. 🚨

🍔 Welcome to SizzleBurger's restaurant! SizzleBurger is one of Roblox's largest restaurant roleplay communities. Here, you can join our team as a cashier or chef, or you can stop by to grab a bite to eat! 🍟

Please give the game a 👍 if you enjoy playing it! It motivates our developers to keep working on updates for the game!

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