The UIU event is here!

-New UIU quest gamemode, infiltrate an enemy facility and steal their valuables 🔥 🚔 
-Event shop to buy various items, skins and such! 💸 
-Limited hacker gamepass

The Red Lake is a zombie wave survival type of game based on SCP 354. SCP 354 is a anomalous lake with red substance that multiple SCP anomalies have come out of.

You are one of the many Security Guards of the facility and you are tasked with one single thing, defend the generator. Upgrade your weapons and tools, unlock better operatives and fight off the hordes with your teammates!

Join our group to start every game with 50 points:!/about

Homboor - Scripter
Rynhex - Builder
yuji071 - Modeller and animator
robloxkhaan - Builder
brittate - Builder

Foxtrot Tactical - Most of the uniforms
SnipaBoy45 & Randomizance - Game Trailer


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