Part 2 of the Station Update is here!
-New station modules
-New notification system

Explore and discover the expanse of space with over 183 ships across a huge procedurally generated solar system with fully explorable planets. Inspired by the classic space game Space Affliction.

Customize, construct, and command colossal colonies or spawling space stations with a modular building system.

Coordinate with friends to man massive multicrew spaceships featuring fully detailed interiors ranging from humble shuttles, luxurious space liners, or gargantuan battle ships and aircraft carriers.

Master physics-based space combat in intense space fighter jet dogfights or massive warship battles.

It is recommended to play with graphics level 9 or 10 to have a sufficient render distance.

Private server owners can use admin commands (type '@commands' in chat for a full list) and use special admin ships in their private servers. No exp is awarded in private servers.


There are currently no running experiences.